Everyday life is beautiful. If you pay attention… there is nothing ordinary.”


ll my life I have looked at the world in terms of it’s contrasts—light and shadows, the natural world and the man-made, remnants of the past and glimpses into the future. The day I found photography, my vision unified as a full frame. I seek out beautiful and intriguing scenes, and stop to focus on the minute details that inspire and create the beauty of the scene, that most overlook. I use light and shadow to create beautiful, impactful Fine Art images meant to arouse the spirit. Through these images I express more than just what’s within the frame, using chiaroscuro as a language, literally “light writing.”

When an image speaks to viewers it becomes an experience—one that places you in the scene and allows you to slow down and pay attention. With my photos, they leave room for you to become a part of one specific moment—to get lost—as if you are standing within the image frame.

 ~ Chante